Ohio Valley Bass Anglers

OBVA Rules

  1. Rules and Interpretation: Interpretation of the OVBA Club rules will be left exclusively to the TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE. They will make all decisions at each tournament and their decision will be final.
  1. REGISTRATION: Entry must be paid in advance $75. If you pay at ramp $85.
  1. ARRIVING LATE: Any angler arriving late at the tournament must report to a club member before they start to fish.
  1. SPORTSMANSHIP: All members are expected to follow high standards of courtesy, sportsmanship, safety and club rules. ANY INFRACTIONS OF THESE RULES WILL BE CAUSE FOR DISQUALIFICATION. If there is a gas pump on a dock, you cannot fish that dock.
  1. TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT: No live bait or prepared bait is permitted with exception of pork rind. Only one rod may be used at one time. Trolling is prohibited.
  1. BOATS: All boats must have all Coast Guard safety equipment required by law. All anglers must wear a Coast Guard approved life vest or sosenders, when the combustion engine is running. Kill switches should also be used.
  1. BLAST OFF AND CHECK IN: All tournaments will be 8 hours-(weather permitting). The start time and check in time will be announced prior to blast off. We will draw for a blast off boat and all boats will have a number. THERE WILL BE NO GRACE PERIOD FOR BEING LATE. Emergency situations will be decided by the tournament committee.
  1. SCORING: Scoring will be determined by the weight of each angler catch. Only largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass will be weighed. The limit is 5 in any combination, except where state regulations prevail. Lake Erie tournaments will have a 3 fish limit. AT NO TIME SHALL AN ANGLER HAVE MORE THAN THE CLUB LIMIT IN THEIR LIVE WELL. All bass must be 12 inches or legal size in waters fished. An angler may us the club’s measuring board to check their fish. Any short fish will result in a penalty of 5 points and 5 ounces (.3125) from their weight. Any bass that appears to be altered in any way will be inspected by the tournament committee.They will make the final decision. There will be 2 anglers picked to help at the weigh in.
  1. DO NOT KILL YOUR CATCH: Each angler is expected to keep his/her bass alive. Dead bass will have a .250 penalty per fish (including big bass) deducted from their weight.
  1. POINTS: 1st 200   2nd 190   3rd180 etc. 25 points for big bass 25 points if an angler catches no fish. If an angler gets D.Q., no points will be awarded. If no bass are caught during the tournament, the money goes to the remaining of the tournaments or to the championship. Your best 5 tournaments will count for Angler of the Year and Federation points. To qualify for the championship, you must fish half of the tournaments and pay for the remaining . ($20.00 per tournament) If an angler fishes the OBF Region 3 tournament, they will earn bonus points towards AOY. The angler who wins AOY fishes the next year free (except the championship.)
  1. TIES: Ties will be broken first by largest stringer by number. Second, by largest bass by weight, third by largest bass by length. If a tie still exists, the money and points will be divided. If there is a tie for AOY, it will be broken by your performance in the Championship. If there is a tie in the Championship for first place, we will have a fish-off with an observer. The first legal fish wins. The Tournament Committee will set the times. If we (still have a tie, anglers can flip a coin or divide the money.
  1. ENTRY FEES:      $75.00   Club tournaments

$75.00 Championship

$50.00 Opens

  1. PAY OFFS: up to 16         3 places

17 to 20     4 places

21 an up     5 places

  1. OFF LIMITS: The water is off limits at 4:00PM the previous day until the start of the tournament.
  1. PROTEST: Anyone wishing to protest must notify Tournament Committee before the results of the tournament are announced.


  1. CHAMPIONSHIP: Locations AOY, Bracket Winner and Runner up picks.
  1. BAD CHECK POLICY: If the club receives a bad check, the member will be notified, and payment needs to be made as soon as possible. The angler is also responsible for paying the bank fees for insufficient funds.
  1. INSURANCE: All MEMBERS must have liability insurance on there boats.
  1. CO-ANGLER Co-Angler will pay the boater $20.00.
  1. TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE Tony Holzer, Bill Strohecker, John Campagna, Brent Baldasare, Blaine Bucy

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